Thursday, 3 March 2016

LipMonthly (

This is a monthly subscription that sends you 4 to 5 full sized lip products every month. Best of all, shipping is now free worldwide! Usually, there is one product in the bag that is not lip related. You may get eye shadow, mascara, perfume or a myriad of other beauty related products.

The best deal is the annual subscription as it works out to be less than USD 10.00 per month.

I joined this subscription in 2015 when there was a delivery charge. I did love the products that I received every month. At that time, I was signed up for the 4 month plan, which I renewed once after the first 4 months. The only reason I stopped subscribing is because my lip collection had grown and I just wanted to fully enjoy the products I currently have.

I know how difficult it is to find beauty subscription boxes/bags that delivers to Malaysia at an affordable price. This is a great subscription service and I personally feel that it is totally worth the hype.

Before I subscribed to this company, I did some online research about this company and its subscription service. Do be mindful that while there are plenty of great reviews available online for this subscription, there were also several negative ones. Most of the negative ones were rants about the customer service, billings and problems with cancellation of subscription - all of which were not applicable to me.

My personal experiences with this company were fantastic. Whenever there was a need for me to email to the customer service, my questions/concerns were promptly addressed and resolved. Also, I never had problems with the billings, i.e. I was never double charged for a subscription. The cancellation/suspension of subscription was easy. All I had to do was to log into my account on the website and select to unsubscribe. There wasn't any fuss or people bugging me to continue with the subscription.

During my subscription tenure, I received plenty of products and brands that may not be available locally. Also, there is a pretty LipMonthly bag that I can reuse for so many other purposes.

I hope that this blog is useful and helps you to make an informed decision for this service.

(I am not paid or sponsored to write this blog. I just would like to share my experiences with great companies and products.)